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Engagement – Allie and Michael Owen

"Vince, Renai, Bilinda and Taylor were a big part of our special day" Vince, Renai, Bilinda and Taylor were a big part of our special day! Having...

Home Sweet Shine: Eco-Friendly Tips for Jewelry Care

The Art of Cleaning Your Jewelry Accumulated oils from our skin, as well as dust and other environmental factors, can dull the shine of our jewelry....

Spring Jewelry Trends: What’s Hot this Season in Highland Heights, KY

Art and fashion unite in the most intricate and personal way through the dazzling array of jewelry trends we see each season. With spring upon us,...

Engagement – Adam and Hilary Blau

"Vince, Bilinda and the whole team truly love their work and it shows" Our experience with FTJ was one of...

Your Engagement Ring Checklist

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task, but we've got you covered. Here is your engagement ring checklist: First things first, ask your...

Engagement – Tyler Felts

"I, no joke, collected at least 50 different pictures of styles, designs, intricacies, etc. and sent them all to Taylor" When I knew I wanted to get...
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